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Cordless Light
water jet

The AURA BRIGHT Cordless Light Water Jet is the ultimate device for a healthier, fresher smile.

Packed with features and easy to use, it takes just 2 minutes a day to improve gum and oral health.

The Cordless Light is rechargeable and portable, making it easy to get a fresher and healthier mouth at home and while you travel.

Cordless_Light_-_white bg.png


MSRP: $59.99 USD


  • IPX5 (water-resistant)

  • USB charging

  • 200ml water reservoir

  • 40-80PSI

  • 1200 pulses per minute

  • Selection of 3 different modes:

    • Soft

    • Normal​

    • Pulse

  • Includes 4 tips 

    • Standard Jet Tip

    • Tongue Cleaning Tip

    • Periodontal Tip

    • Orthodontic Tip (for cleaning around braces)

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